Since 2004, UNEDGED has been developing interactive software that enables the creation of groundbreaking interactive projects.

A multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, project managers and marketeers work closely to create immersive experiences and intuitive interfaces that go beyond your imagination.

Our main expertise is the development of interactive and experiential applications based on touch, multitouch, wayfinding and gesture, which can incorporate other features.

Among our solutions, stand out ARENA Multitouch Platform (customizable multitouch software), Pathfinder (interactive wayfinding software) and OmniCMS (omnichannel content management platform).

Retail, tourism, culture, corporate, public spaces, entertainment, advertisement and events are among the sectors that can benefit from our extensive know-how and tailored solutions.

If you have an audacious client or an out-of-the-box project, challenge us!
Concept & Strategy
Creation of one of a kind concepts and immersive user experiences that will leave an impression on your customers’ minds.
We have experience and knowledge of more than 10 years working on interactive digital signage projects, so we can help you design all concepts and user experiences.
Design, NUI & User Experience
Take your software aesthetics to the next level, with user interface designs that combine beauty with functionality.
Designing a touch-based applications is not the same as designing a mouse-based application. We know what works and what doesn’t. 
At UNEDGED, we always aim to design natural user interfaces with which anyone can intuitively interact.
Touch, Multitouch & Gesture
We are specialized in the development of touch-based, wayfinding and gesture applications that can incorporate other technologies, as 3D, Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Facial Recognition, Audience Measurement, CMS and other custom solutions for interactive digital signage projects.
Whether it’s a captivating tagline or a fascinating set of graphics, we have several content development specialists who can help you with this critical part of the project. 
We don’t only develop the software, but we can also prepare all the contents to provide you a turnkey solution.
Make sure that any problem that may occur with our software is quickly and completely solved, without any concern and effort from you.
ARENA Multitouch Platform
Make your own multitouch applications
ARENA is a “do-it-yourself” software that empowers anyone to create a multitouch application, with no need of programming.

With cool contents and in less a day, you can provide a multitouch application for any kind of interactive digital signage project.

With ARENA you can deliver reliable, competitive and innovative multitouch applications.

Including extensible platform tools, ARENA enables the creation and management of multitouch apps for large touchscreens, thus being the best choice for public environments.
Indoor and outdoor wayfinding software
Interactive wayfinding solution to help people find their way inside large facilities, like shoppings, airports and business centers.

Base features:
- Multilanguage software 
- Multistore and Multifloor – based on the shopping scheme, it is possible to: 
- Set, update or delete stores and services
- Define the best path to change floor
- Manage information about stores
- Advertise – possibility of use video or images to advertise events, stores, etc. 
- Disabled persons – feature that can be activated to avoid treadmills and stairs, for example
- News and Events – possibility to create and update news and events
- Promotions – possibility to create and update promotions
- Leave a comment – users can leave a comment that will be stored in the backoffice
- OmniCMS – UNEDGED’s backoffice tool, being used to manage the information shown on Pathfinders’ screens: 
- Web-based management platform
- Contents and equipments’ manager
- Logs and Statistics
- Multiuser access
Omnichannel platform to organize, edit and publish content in several devices, through an intuitive web-based system
OmniCMS is a web-based platform that allows the control and management of all equipments and contents. Most of UNEDGED's projects that need a backoffice are developed with OmniCMS.

Base features:
- Text editor with basic and advanced functionalities similar to MS Word, with tools to facilitate learning
- All types of content (news, events, etc…) will form a predefined content that will let you know what content to include and where to place it
- Relationship between categories of content – the user can provide the same content in different categories or areas of the portal with a simple selection of categories
- Easy language transition – the same content can be automatically replicated to other languages. Formatting and images/videos are placed correctly, while only text translation must be done by the user
- Access statistics to know which were the most viewed contents
- Access logs to know more about how the software was used
- Multiuser management system that allows the control the level of interaction with the platform. No content is published online or available to the public without prior authorization of the user
- Any content can be scheduled to be published on a given day, at a certain time and also unpublished as indicated in the item’s content
Case Studies
RÍO Shopping
Inter IKEA Centre Group trusted in UNEDGED to develop the wayfinding app for their Valladolid shopping center directories.

This application features an interactive map allowing the discovery of the quickest path to a store or service, news, information on vouchers, cinema and contacts, and a form for comments.
Porto Cruz
Porto Cruz Space is a place that, combining modernity and tradition, intends to celebrate Port wine and the very best of Portuguese art and culture.

Innovation also took part in this remarkable place, through UNEDGED’s apps, featured in object-recognition tables, interactive LCD’s and touch kiosks.
UNEDGED developed an Augmented Reality Configurator for Volvo, which went on roadshow to several shopping centers.

With entertainment and social sharing always in mind, this interactive experience redefined the way new car models are presented to the public.
Méditel felt the need to provide a new and striking experience to people visiting the brand’s flagship store, in Casablanca, Morocco.

To do so, this telecommunications brand relied on UNEDGED’s proven expertise in the creation of cutting edge interactive software.
With Apollo Space Shuttle, a truly revolutionary brand activation, AXE exceeded the level of stratosphere!

To encourage applications for a worldwide competition that took 22 people to Space, a parking lift was transformed into a real Space Shuttle.

On the lift floor, there was an LED display that, as the lift rose, presented a hyper-realistic 3D video, with the route from the square to Outer Space.
Lisbon and Faro Airports
ANA Aeroportos de Portugal equipped three lounge areas at Lisbon Airport and one at Faro Airport with interactive systems featuring UNEDGED’s software, turning the waiting period into a useful and delightful moment.

Through these multitouch apps, passengers are able to relax and access relevant multimedia information about the airport, travel and destinations.
Braga Parque Shopping
With a large area and nearly 200 stores, Braga Parque Shopping understood that it was necessary to develop a way to help people find the store or service they were looking for inside their facilities.

As a result, they choosed UNEDGED’s wayfinding software, which have been proving its effectiveness in the last 4 years!
Optimus Concept Store
UNEDGED was selected to develop a concept store for Optimus, a telecommunications company.

The Experience Block, covered with over 70 interactive displays, presents this telecommunication company's products and services in an engaging and innovative way.
Other Projects
MAR Shopping - wayfinding directories
Mercedes Flagship Store
Moldura Minuto Flagship Store
MAR Shopping - information desk
Environmental Education Center
Tondela Museum
House of Time
Museum of Transports and Communications
3M Touch Systems
Bosch Car Multimedia
Navarra Aluminium
QSP Marketing Summit
Estoril Open - tennis tournament
BTL - tourism tradeshow
Lidingo exhibition
Azores Airports
Lusiadas Hospital
Portuguese Parliament
RÍO Shopping, Inter IKEA Centre Group
Mário Barros, Manager
“With an intuitive and useful wayfinding software and an easy-to-use backoffice for contents’ update, UNEDGED's interactive directories not only fulfilled, but even surpassed, all of our expectations!
For sure, a win-win partnership to be maintained and strengthened in the future!”
Porto Cruz
Jorge Dias, Director
“To break with the tradition and to do the pedagogy of the senses that we try to provide to our visitors, UNEDGED's support was absolutely crucial, as the competences of its team brought a breath of fresh air, new concepts and new approaches to the Port Wine, in line with the values and vision of PORTO CRUZ brand.
I think that we reached what we wanted, and therefore I am grateful to UNEDGED.”
Aira de Mello, Head of Marketing and PR
“In the end, we believe that, with this innovative campaign, we generated a significant word-of-mouth, promoted the model to our target audiences, and increased our brand awareness and goodwill.
The right kick-off for such an important model for us!
In short, a fun, social and entertaining product launch, that fitted perfectly with such a cool, advanced and modern car!”
Hugo Bento, Brand Manager
“This innovative project had the crucial contribution of UNEDGED to create a different experience for the users, without mischaracterizing the environment and functionality of the facility used.”

Lisbon and Faro Airports
Manuel Norte, Project Manager
“Taking our Living Airport strategy as a guiding principle, UNEDGED developed, with outstanding professionalism and creativity, the interactive software for this project.
In the end, there is no doubt Portugal has airports which are active promoters of our country’s image abroad, definitely making all of us very proud!”
Braga Parque Shopping
Ana Rodrigues, Marketing Officer
“We decided to have interactive wayfinding for our visitors, and the choice was pretty easy: UNEDGED. 
We had to have the best!”
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